Here is a 3-step formula you can use to identify your zone of genius:

1. Find your core competencies and strengths

Figure out what are your core competencies, the thing that you do really well, and you feel very comfortable doing them. Everyone is different, and everyone has these qualities (yes even you).  It may take a bit of digging deep inside but it will be worth it.

2. Capitalize on your strengths

To build a profitable business, once you figure out what your strengths are, you need to capitalize on them. Determine how each strength meets a specific need of the job market. This would be offering a solution to a problem. Your ideal client has a problem or a need. You have the strength or skill that meets that need. Your solution will make your business profitable.

3. Ask

If you are still not quite sure what your strengths are, ask your friends and family.  Speak to your customers.  Don’t be scared to ask people what they think you excel at.

Start seeing your sweet spot

Now that you’ve identified your unique strengths, and the things that you are great at and sets you apart from the rest, put them all together and start seeing where your zone of genius lies. Once you do this, consider the market need for your service and create a plan to bring them to market.