Here at Satnat, we have witnessed a few of our friends and relatives transition to selling their products and advertising their services online – sometimes only on Instagram.

Need some specific examples here of the above – are they passion projects? If so, will link nicely into your next point.

I’d like to invite you to take a pause right now and have an honest conversation with yourself. What is it that you really, truly, want to offer the world?

Do you have a skill that you always thought you could build a business on, but never had enough confidence and courage to pursue? Has work become so comfortably routine that it has made you lose sight of what you would love to do?

Dig deep. What is that one thing you know and wish you could do, and to hell with everyone’s judgement, including your own?

Why am I asking you these questions now? Because THIS is the perfect time to pursue your passion. You deserve to explore your potential and have a business or career that makes you get out of bed bright-eyed every morning.

COVID-19 has not only taught us how to take better care of ourselves; it has also reminded us about the things that TRULY matter. And your passion and dreams are two of them.

Feeling anxious already? Well, I want to assure you that it is normal to feel overwhelmed when confronted with something unfamiliar but exciting. As one modern saying goes: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” And what you can say to that is, “Then I’ll do it SCARED.”

Most entrepreneurs do not feel 100 per cent positive when they are starting their businesses, especially if it revolves around a skill that they constantly critique themselves about.

Starting an online business is not easy. It involves work, attention, sacrifice and noise. Noise from friends and family, noise from inside your head, noise from society. Noise you have to tune out, so you can get in touch with who you are and what you really want to do.

Satnat is here to remind you that you ARE capable of doing what you love and starting the online business that you always wanted. If you have the skills, the will to better yourself, the grit and determination to follow things through, and the courage to fight against negativity, you are already on your way to online success.

You are absolutely capable of building an online business from the ground up. If anything, you may just need guidance and some road signs to help you establish a clear process. As long as you have a strong product and/or service then I can assure you that you have a market to enter and make magic in.

Here at Satnat, we show our clients where their amazing ideas and skills could take them. We help talented and skilled individuals create the businesses that they always deserved to have.

Our Springboard to Success has helped numerous entrepreneurs analyse, develop, strategise and map their online businesses. Through this programme, we help our clients create a business DNA that is true to their passion. We make sure that, through planning, execution, review and audit, we find a unique strategy for each client that will help them start a successful online business. More importantly, Springboard to Success helps old and new entrepreneurs confront the challenges that come with wanting to pursue their dreams.

If you are experiencing hesitation, we understand. But give yourself a chance. Give your passions and hidden skills an opportunity to grow. If you need a sounding board to bounce ideas off, we are just the team to do that with.

Book a 15-minute introductory call with us and let us hear your story. We want to learn about you and the passions that could change your life (and your future customers’ lives, too) for the better!