What do you want to be known for?


Regardless of your niche, you need to be known for ONE thing… something your are THE go to authority at.


Mine, for example is sales, but I have niched even further.  I work with heart centred business owners and coaches to package their services, charge their worth and sell without ever having to discount. I am very passionate about this and you will see in my messaging and in all my communication I put out there.


I urge you to find out what you want to be known for and shout it from the rooftops.


So how do you go about finding your ONE thing?  I have broken it down into 3 questions to help you do just that.


What are the core values and essence?


This defines your business. It is non-negotiable. It is what you stand for.  Your values and essence is often what attracts your ideal client to youbecause you stand for something they strongly believe in and it will resonate with them.  You should be able to define your values in a few words and these words should incite emotion.  I encourage my clients to choose a few words to define their business and brand.  Let’s look at a few examples of larger companies who have nailed this:


Disney – Magical

FedEx – Safe

Dove – Age has no relation to beauty

Nike – Just do it

Coca Cola – Happiness


Can you sum up your brand value in a few words?  It is worth taking the time to think about this as it will make your messaging memorable, clearer and attract your ideal clients.  The more memorable you can be the easier it is for others to share your value within their business network.  You then are able to reach far more people that you could every imagine just on your own.


What are you passionate about?


Let’s face it, you have to love what you do if you want to help others. Not so long ago I had a chat with someone who is such a great example of passion.  She had a full time J.O.B. that she didn’t really care for, but had bills to pay.  Going to work was something she didn’t enjoy and when she spoke to me about her job I could immediately tell that she was only doing it because she had to.  Lindy had just started a health coaching business, as a side gig which she was determined to make her full time work.  As soon as she started telling me about her coaching business she lit up.  I could see the twinkle in her eye and hear the passion in her voice, instantly I could tell that this is what she was meant to do. Now that is passion.


What differentiates you from your competiton?


Standing out from your competition is something that will grow your business very quickly.  It is referred to as your USP (unique selling point). When someone wantto know what makes your brand different, can you easily and clearly communicate what sets you apart?  Why you are the right fit and best solution to their problems?  And most importantly, are you remembered for this?


Even though it may sound difficult there are so many ways to make you and your brand memorable.  This should come through in every step of your customer journey from  your first interaction right through to your after sales follow upo and support.


You can achieve this by creating products and packages, crafting offers that will solve your ideal clients problem. I have an article that can help Create a positive buying experience for your client.


Take some time to think about the three key points:


What are the core essence and values of your brand

What are you passionate about

What differentiates you from youcompetition


See how you can apply them to your business, ensure you are communicating them to your ideal client and that you can demonstrate your unique difference at every stage of your customer journey.


Keep your eye on the prize and make sure that your messaging is consistent, clear and compelling, that way you will be sure to get noticed, be memorable and stand out from your competition.