How are you showing up online? This is something I have been thinking alot about in recent weeks. Online meeting are great for so many reasons. I saw a stat the other day that in 2020, online meetings and video conferencing had seen a 535% rise in daily traffic and this figure is set to rise even more in 2021 as this becomes the new norm.

A few benefits that instantly come to mind:

🚂 Less travel

🌿 Less impact on the environment

💰 More economical

☀️ More opportunities

📝 Easier and quicker to arrange


So how are you showing up on your online meetings? Do you just show up or do you put time into preparing and planning in advance.  It does not need to take very long.  The more you do, the easier and quicker it becomes.

Some really easy tips & habits I adopt every day.

📹 Always have my camera on 📹

💡 Good lighting 💡

🔆 Clean and crisp background 🔆

🌈 Wear a colour (not black or white) 🌈

🦓 Avoid patterns, stripes, dots 🦓

💄 Wear bright lipstick 💄

📝 Prep 📝

⏱ Be on time ⏱

⏳Respect the time booked ⏳



SMILE really is the most important thing for me in online meetings (& also on phone calls) without a doubt.

Next time you are attending an online meeting, look how many people are smiling. I know that you will be really surprised.

I am naturally an open and smiling person, smiling makes me feel good instantly. But the other day something dawned on me and really surprised me ……

I realised that most online interactions I have, that other(s) are often or never smiling.


Go on try it next time you are online. Show the whites of your eyes and your teeth!

1) Reduces stress

2) Makes you feel good you as well as the other meeting attendee(s)

3) A smile triggers positive emotions

4) A smile created optimism

5) A smile creates confidence

6) A smile set rapport

7) A smile communicates your state of mind

8) A smile initiates trust

9) A smile can set you up for sales success

10) a smile is something that we all understand

Quick facts on smiling:

  • Smiling is more contagious than the flu!
  • Babies are born with the ability to smile.
  • It’s easier to smile than it is to frown.

Whether it’s a personal conversation, a B2B or B2C conversation, a smile is one of the easiest things to get right.

Smiling really is the crucial ingredient in any personal chat or business meeting.