Sales are vital to the survival of all businesses but not everyone loves doing sales. Often this can be the hardest part of doing business.  Sales can be the one skill that actually we don’t train in or practice, we just get on and do it.  By just getting on, sometimes this means we are just getting by.

I have a couple of top tips to share which you can apply instantly into any sales conversation.  Bear in mind these are only tips and are taken from my tried and test sales conversation framework but here goes.


Pick up the phone

I love the phone and see it as a vital tool to use in sales conversations. However, those who shy away from sales will often, hide behind email for as long as possible, this is not going to get you a positive outcome.

Avoiding the phone will do nothing to help progress a sale and everything towards not getting the sale. Email is great but as soon as you use it as your first step to an enquiry (if you have a contact number) you are waiting on the other persons immediately.

92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone

Think about this for a minute?  Your prospect gets in touch with you, you reply and follow up by email, well they have like moved on to something else. You have instantly lost the opportunity to engage when they were ready and keen to learn more.

You think you are doing the right thing by replying super quickly by email. The reality is that your email even though it leaves your inbox instantly, may not get opened or more importantly their attention until the end of the day maybe even the next day. The whole time you’re waiting and you guessed it; your competition has picked up the phone.


Prepare before any and all sales conversations

Make sure you are doing all you can to help yourself before any and all sales conversations.

Almost 90% of consumers research companies online before making purchases

So, why would you reach out to a potential buyer without doing your homework?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I know them and if I do how do I know them If no, who do you know that does (if any)

2) Were they a referral

3) Gave they shared what bought them to be speaking to you

4) What they want

5) What do they do and who do they work with

6) Do you know what they charge for what they do

7) Just Google their name and see what comes up


These few questions will help you quickly get a feel for who you will be connecting with and will help you set up for your sales conversation.

There are so many more ways to set yourself up to have great sales conversations.  Find out on my 3-day challenge on 10, 11 and 12 March 2021.

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