It was almost 4 months since I had used the online calculator to work out my place in the Covid-19 vaccination queue.  I was around position 30.5 million and due for my vaccination on or around June time.  To my delight the vaccination programme has been going so well and they have been whipping through the age groups. It was with much delight I had notification I could book myself in.



It started with excitement, so 2 weeks ago when I booked my appointment I was so excited and felt so positive and grateful.



Then my fear settled in, you see I am needle phobic. I faint at the sight of a needle and the sight of blood. It’s involuntary and not something I can control. You are either a fainter or your not I guess.

I remember the first time I fainted age 14, and it is the same sensation every time for me. I can feel it coming but there is nothing I can do to stop it.



The day of my appointment, low grade irritability was creeping in throughout the day. I could feel it bubbling away.  I was short and curt with the two most important people in my life my husband and my son.


😲High Alert!

Arriving at the appointment I was on high alert, it is the only way I can describe it. Not knowing what to expect. My husband and I had booked appointments 5 minutes apart. We had it all planned. We were instantly greeted by two smiley volunteers in high viz vests who explained the process and instructed us to report to their colleagues at the check in desk. In the way there were more volunteers sanitising escalator rails and manning sanitising gel stations. It was highly efficient with a glow of hope and happiness in the air everywhere I looked.



I immediately declared my needle phobia and was promptly reassured I was not alone in my fear and they would do everything they could to support me. They arranged for my husband and I to have a duo jab and gif to go together. It was such a memorable and moving event in so many ways.

It was quick & painless. I even got a sticker! To me it really is a gift in so many ways.



It wasn’t until we were on our way home, I realised this low hanging anxiety I had been carrying with me for so many months. I hadn’t even realised it was there, hanging about. It was like in a split second, almost like I could feel it instantly lifting. A fog I did not even know was there.


Roll on 19 June for vaccination 2 of 2 and more bright skies ahead 🌈.