As a business owner having goals in your business is non-negotiable. Without goals in your business, you will be on a hamster wheel with no direction. Goals point your business in the right direction and give you a defined plan to measure progress.

I have a simple 5 step approach to set and achieve goals in your business.


1. Decide

You have to know what you want to achieve. It would make sense that you would be looking at an area to grow your business, and this would differ from business to business. Usually they would fall in one of these categories:

Lead generation

Brand recognition

Grow sales

Or even all 3.

Decision making is a vital part of any business and I have an article on What is that you really, TRULY, want to offer? Now is the time to decide… you can read it here


2. Write it down

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” Greg Reid

By writing sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and plan a goal. Writing down the goal makes it real and not just an idea in your mind that you will get to some day. Remember when writing down your goal you need to make it Specific.


3. Give your goal an end day

I believe that if we have a time frame by when we want to achieve our goal it is much more likely to happen than just putting something up in the air and hoping for the best.

Once we have a date we want the goal achieved by it makes it much easier to create a roadmap with dates the milestones need to be achieved by.


4. Break it down

This is where the magic happens. Tony Robbins calls this chunking and I use it religiously in my business. Taking the large goal and breaking it down into smaller tasks, and scheduling the tasks onto a calendar is a formula for success.


5. Take action

A beautifully planned goal is useless unless you take action, and this my friend is where I see so many people falling short. You need to make taking the action steps non negotiable. It will include time management and discipline. If you have scheduled tasks around the goal for that week, you need to ensure that it gets done. If it has not been completed, you need to schedule it again to ensure that you stay on track.

If you follow this simple formula, you will be able to watch what once was a dream become a reality for you. Is it easy? No, if it was easy everyone would have the businesses of their dreams, but if you are willing to put in the work and take action it will be so worthwhile.


I would love to know in the comments if you have a system you follow to set and achieve goals, and if so, what does it look like.

Nat x