Like it, love it or loathe it, networking is an essential activity that I believe all business owners need to do. But, have you ever asked yourself, why am I here whilst networking? Maybe you think this before you go and then just turn up and go through the motions or perhaps you feel that after you’ve been.


If you have had any of those thoughts or feelings, you are not alone.


Yes, networking is essential to most if not all businesses but are you getting a good return on your time, or are you just turning up on the off chance that you will make a valuable connection.

Results don’t happen by chance, they happen through activity. So what is the solution?


Well, read on and I will help get you set up for success …


Like most things in business having a strategy is vital. Strategy gives you a sense of direction & focus, increased efficiency and makes you proactive instead of reactive. A networking strategy will help you stay on track and will give you the ability to understand if you are spending your time wisely.

Top Tip: Set targets and ensure you are measuring the outcomes.




My personal success with networking is achieved by using a simple 4-step approach. You too can use and adopt my Star system for networking success with your business.

This is my system and how I use it.








Q – Why am I there?

Have a purpose and make that a specific point. My answer could be “to promote my online training.”

Q – What is my priority?

What is my primary purpose for being involved? My answer could be “to be memorable and add value.”

Q – Do I need to Prep?

Do I need to prepare for the networking? I would say, that is a BIG YES – be prepared to add your information or links into the chat to be shared and responded to.



Who are my targets with this particular group of people?

This may change given different networking groups, but I would be targeting for these specific reasons to: –

  1. Collaborate
  2. Boost my Visibility
  3. Create & get engagement (with my specific aim in mind)



What action do you want to take and how do you want to participate and engage?

My answers are always the same.

  1. ASK
  2. HELP
  3. SHARE



Did I get success from being at the networking event? It is vital you review and actively work out if you are reaching and achieving the outcomes you set for yourself. Think about what does success look like for you?

Q – Did you reach your targets?

Q – What did you get from the event?

Q – Did you enjoy the networking & people?

This is a simple but tried and tested system I have used for many years.

Time is usually the thing that is hardest to find in a small business and ensuring that you maximise the outcomes on what you’re spending your valuable time on is key.

If you are not getting a ROI on your time, find a new group….

Are you ready to up your game and start getting results? I would love to hear how you get on using my STAR system.