The “peacock effect”

A show-off in sales is most definitely a turn off in my books. I recently did a training with a group of business owners and I introduced them to the “peacock” effect.

Peacocking is when a peacock shows off their feathers to attract a mate.


So, what exactly is the ““peacock effect”

Simply, in sales, it is when the person selling is more interested in talking about themselves, their business and what they do. Ultimately, they are showing off.  In my experience, it repels more than it attracts someone to work with you.

Often, it happens without people even realising.  Perhaps it comes from a place of excitement or nerves where you are so keen to highlight all your strong points and eager to stand out from your competitors.

Adopting the “peacock effect” will do you no favours. You do not need to be a peacock to be memorable.  Simple ways to be show up and be remembered for the right reasons are:


Be personable

Engage with your prospective client. Make that all important human connection. If you want to create a memorable experience, you must make the interaction less about you and more about them. Share a personal experience or small piece of yourself when the time is right. This will help to create trust and increased engagement.


Listen more than you speak

I know I say this often, but it really is the golden key in sales.  Listen more than you speak. Practice active listening, you will be amazed at how much more valuable information you get.  The more information you have the easier it will be to find the right solution to get them the outcome they need.


Be well prepared

Do your homework.  When meeting someone for the first time find out a about their business and who they are.  Research and investigate if you have any contacts in common and if you do, find out as much as you can to help set yourself.


Give valuable insights

There are so many ways you can share valuable insights with your prospects.  You can lead with data insights, client success stories or case studies. Be creative in how you can share what you do in an engaging way that gives values to you prospect, builds credibility and also makes you memorable.


Be Different

It is important to stand out more than ever. Whether that is meeting someone face to face, having a meeting online or engaging via social media.  Ask yourself how you can be different and be memorable. Easy, be yourself. By being yourself, you do not need to do what everyone else is doing, you can be original. Just by not following the pack will make you stand out and be remembered for all the right reasons.


Remember, show up, do not show off. Do not be a peacock.