So, what is a positive buying experience?

Firstly let us define what the buying experience is. “How your target clients perceive the experience of buying a product or service in your market”

The potential clients experience begins with their very first encounter with you.  It could be through a social media post, a paid ad, a podcast interview – just to name a few.  If they resonate with you and your message, they could start following you on social media, or go visit your website and this is how the journey begins.

Let’s dive deeper into the different phases of the buyers journey.


Here are the 4 phases:



The buyer is realising they need help with a problem they are experiencing.  They are starting to look for information online that answers the basic question: “how can I solve this problem?”.



During the consideration phase, buyers are looking into their options.  They could be looking for experts in this particular field online and will be looking at the options these experts are offering to solve the problem.

This is usually when the potential client may  make the choice to purchase a product or service.



During the post-purchase phase, clients will have started using the product or service they purchased. They are reflecting on whether their needs are being met and if the promises made by marketing are being fulfilled.


Repeat purchase

During the repeat purchase phase, clients may decide to work deeper with you because they are thrilled with the results they are seeing. This is obviously our goal.


Here are 3 sure fire ways to help create a positive buying experience.


Recognise your clients pain points

Pain points are a specific problem that a prospective client is experiencing, and is usually serious enough for the person to take action on.  Pain points are essentially any problem that the client may be experiencing. Getting to the bottom of your clients pain point involves a degree of thinking outside the box and putting yourself in their shoes. Quite often you may have experienced this problem yourself or worked with someone else who has and solved it.  Focus on sharing how you can solve your clients pain points and this will build trust and make the potential client want to work with you.


Create a clear customer experience & vision

As a business you need to have a strategy in place for creating a positive client experience –  a clear client -focused vision that you can communicate clearly and that is memorable. This is often communicated through your Mission Statement or company messaging.


Make your client feel important and appreciated

Have you ever received a thank you note or a gift from someone you are working with? Something that totally resonated and made your experience that much better?

Think about the feeling you can create from a small, simple gesture or action and how this will surprise and delight your client. It is something that we are seeing more of.  It’s an easy way to show your appreciation and love to your clients by creating a unique and memorable buying experience.


So now you know what a buying experience is, what are you going to do to make your clients buying experience memorable and different to your competition? Forbes

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