Have you ever worked with a client that isn’t that enjoyable?  I have, and it is often quite common when people first set up their business.  There is that feeling that we can work with everyone, help everyone, and need to bring home the bacon!  As you become more established it becomes easier to be more selective (for want of a better phrase) but really, I want to encourage everyone, no matter what stage of their business they are at the importance of saying NO, we are not the right fit, or NO, I cannot help you get to the outcome you are looking to achieve.  If you can do this, you will, in my opinion be onto a winning formula which will ensure that you really do get to work with the right people.

Working with the right client is that magical moment, like when you are doing what you were born to do – your zone of genius.

When Gay Hendricks wrote his book “The Big Leap” the idea of operating from your zone of genius exploded.  Finding your zone of genius is when you find the thing that you are born to do.  Doing what you are good at, and what is effortless.  Something that you are naturally gifted at.  Once you know which skills or interests you are naturally gifted at, you have struck gold.

According to Gay Hendricks there are 4 zones we could fall into:

  1. Zone of Incompetence. This zone you are not very good at or do not understand it.
  2. Zone of Competence. You are alright, but lots of others cope better.
  3. Zone of Excellence. You are highly skilled, and few can hold a candle to you.
  4. Zone of Genius. You are literally the best in the world at it.

In my blog Packaging Your Services I explain the importance of having a signature program, something you are brilliant at and love doing.

When you are in rhythm with what you do and who you serve, this is, for me anyway, when I truly do not feel like I am even working. For me, it is imperative to recognise what brings you joy and make it your purpose and intention to focus on attracting the right people to your business, so you get to work with the right people.

Think of it like a domino effect, I know you know exactly what I am talking about!  Well, that’s your zone of genius. When you find your zone of genius you will no longer need to work with anyone and everyone out of desperation.

When we do our best work, this is when your clients will start raving about your work to others and you will start to create your mini army of champions.  If you are finding that you are working with one too many “nightmare” clients you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what your zone of genius is. So, how can you make this a reality for you and your business?

I hope this has got your mind into overdrive and you can start to recognise when you maybe tempted to start working with people who are not aligned to what you do.  Have the confidence to recognise your skills and really start to celebrate what sets you apart.

I hope that you can take the decision that you will not settle for “nightmare” clients ever again because you owe it to both yourself and your clients.  It is a win / win, it really is!

Let me know in the comments what your zone of genius is.  If you did not know, mine is s♥les.

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Nat x