If you can position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable on a certain topic in your field, you have a much better chance of  attracting clients. Here are 5 tips:-


Hire a coach or mentor to help you

A coach will help you create a strategy to position you as an expert at your offer.  Once you have a plan to work towards, it will help you get there much quicker.  In addition to helping you set your goals, a good  coach will hold you accountable for following through on the things you need to do.


Practice being a product of your product

What does it mean to be a product of the product? Be a living example of what you sell.  I love the saying show me don’t tell me; it is so true. 

Why is this so important?  Most people would be quite sceptical about taking financial advice from someone who’s broke, fitness advice from someone who’s unhealthy, dating advice from someone who’s always single, life advice from someone who’s life isn’t all that interesting. 

To position yourself as an expert at your offer, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are an example of what is possible.


Focus on the clients who are the perfect fit for you

When we are in the business of helping other people, we need to be selective with the clients we work with.  Why? Because coaching work is very personal and we are setting ourselves up for failure if we work with people we know won’t let us help them. When working with a potential client, it’s important to ask the difficult questions up front to avoid trouble down the line. 

When your clients are not ideal, it’s hard to work with them, neither one of you will enjoy the process, and the client will most likely not get the results they were looking for.


Stay passionate about your niche and in service to your clients

Passion is your drive, ambition and the love of what you do and who you serve.

Passion keeps you going despite the difficulties that your business will inevitably come across. I had many opportunities to throw up my arms and simply give up, but my passion kept me going.

When you are really passionate about what you do, it shows.  It comes through in everything you do and your clients will pick up on it.  I can promise you, your clients will love working with you as your passion will be contagious.


Be willing to share your story

Stories Help Us Connect

A lot of people think that stories don’t apply to their brand. The truth is, every brand has a story worth telling. Stories are so much more powerful than sharing statistics or other forms of communication. In fact, a study from Stanford University showed that stories are 22x more likely to be remembered than statistics alone. 44% of marketing leaders recognised storytelling as mandatory for success in 2019.

Sharing your story can help explain who you are and what you stand for.  Your story helps people connect with you and is vital for building the know, like and trust factor.


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