Sell more without cold calling!

We know cold calling isn’t your thing, it’s not ours either. Instead, we help you build and nurture human relationships that enable your business to thrive.

Before we get to who we are, let’s start with who we’re NOT!


We’re not a faceless digital marketing agency


We’re not interested in profit before ethics


We don’t sell products or services we don’t believe in


We’re not into spammy messages, cold calling or anything else that annoys people! 


We’re not interested in vanity metrics 


We’re not a good fit for every business

Now we’ve got that out of the way, who are Love Sales?

We’re a husband and wife double act who care deeply about the work we do. We love seeing our clients sell more because we only work with businesses we believe in. If you’re a passionate business owner like us, you’re in the right place!  

Who do we work with?

We work with heart centred business owners and coaches who love what they do but are not loving sales (at the moment). Our clients want to stop feeling inauthentic with their sales efforts and want to step away from feeling like they are failing at sales. Many want to get away from feeling like discounting is the only way to secure new clients. And some are looking to get rid of that icky feeling they hold around picking up the phone and selling. We know that there really is another way, so, we love to work with our clients to show them the way to love sales, have success on their terms.

We set up Love Sales because we wanted to build our own life by design. You can’t put a price on time, but for us, it is one of the things we both value the most. Success gives you choices, and time gives you freedom. This is exactly what we are passionate about doing for our clients. Between us, we have a unique skill set we can draw on to help owner-led businesses build their own work by design. We love helping you communicate with your customers so that everyone wins — your customers get the right product or service, and you supercharge your sales!

Meet Nat

Co-founder & Sales Queen
Your Love Sales Champion

“I’m the face of the business, I guess. High energy, bubbly and passionate about what I do, often described by our clients as a “powerhouse” — jumping on and off calls suits me perfectly! I could chat and network all day long, but deep down, it’s the human connection that drives me. Once I get to know you, I’ll be your champion. I’ll go above and beyond to represent your business if that’s what you need. Let’s get on an intro call and see if we’re a good match!”

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite place: The Suffolk Coast

Favourite food: Dover sole

Favourite movie: Sliding Doors

Describe Roy in 3 words: Kind, observant (the intuitive way) & generous

Satnat-0016 (1) (1)

Meet Roy

Co-founder and the behind-the-scenes Supremo
Your Personal Systems Champion

“If Nat’s the bubbly face of the business, I’m the strategic thinker and steady pair of hands. Once you have your sales blueprint, I’ll step in to make things happen! Working with clients to get the best results and most success through creating systems and processes that support and promote efficiency every step of the way.

The team and I thrive on delivering the back-end operations for Satnat and our clients. It’s essential that the internal support activities that don’t require face-to-face interaction with customers and clients are given the same importance. It’s a team effort after all.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite place: At home

Favourite food: Shellfish

Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction

Describe Natalie in 3 words: Passionate, funny (ha, ha not odd!) and open

Meet Jarvis

Co-founder (boss)

“I do a great job overseeing everything and making sure Roy and Nat think they’re running the show. But of course, if you know anything about canine psychology, you’ll understand why I’m the brains behind the operation.”

Favourite smell: Lamb

Favourite place: Definitely the beach!

Favourite food: Treats

Favourite movie: Lady and the tramp

Describe your owners in 3 words: Loveable, playful, spoilers